What is the purpose of an underground cable duct?

Pipelines (pipes and cables) run like artificial veins through the ground under or between residential areas. They transport energy, water and information from the producer or distributor to the end customer. The use of reliable and adaptable supply and disposal networks is an essential prerequisite for sustainable and productive living. Several pipelines and cables can be laid and operated trenchlessly over very long periods of time in underground structures built for this purpose.

A modern pipeline infrastructure must be able to react to ongoing changes in media requirements (especially drinking, heating and service water, electricity, gases, data and information) as well as to flexible usage requirements. Wastewater drainage is a special form of use.

Under certain urban planning and supply-side premises, a pipe duct is an economical and resource-efficient solution.

Source: moll-prd

Profitability analysis

The cost-effectiveness of pipe ducts can be proven in the medium and long term by determining savings over the service life of the pipe systems compared to conventional installation. A cost-benefit analysis for all project-related installation alternatives is recommended for an initial assessment during construction.

With an economic feasibility study (WIBE), construction requirements, overall economic influences and possible follow-up costs can be examined from an operational, municipal and economic perspective and supplemented with a risk and deficit analysis.

As a rule, the economic efficiency of the operation of the sewers is verified by means of a revenue and expenditure account or cost unit accounting. Direct and indirect costs or characteristic values must be taken into account.


for planning

For initial considerations or for strategic or long-term planning, a checklist for the construction of underground cable ducts has been drawn up. This planning aid is based on the following question: “Should the use of a pipe duct be considered as an alternative to conventional individual installation for a planned construction project?”


To reservations

It is not uncommon for reservations to be expressed with regard to the use of the pipe duct development solution, which are countered here with well-founded opinions from experienced experts.