Company Standards

legal classification of walk-through utility tunnels

position paper of IBV (public)  November 2019

planning, construction, operation and maintenance of walk-through utility tunnels

To improve personal and plant safety and to assure quality of upgrated walk-through utility tunnels the technical work has been summarized
in the company standard TN A 2.07 der enso / DREWAG / enso NETZ / DREWAG NETZ as following:  

● Legal classification
● Planning and construction of fire walls
● Design of emergency exits and escape routes
● Planning and construction of Ventilation systems
● Positioning of ducts
last update: October 2016

Part 1.2 "Penetration" of company standard FW 05 is attached.

company standard FW 05, part 1.2 "penetrations"


company standard "structural repairs"

regulation modul "joint repair from the inside"

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